Women Are Organizing

Women in Canada, including right here in Regina, are the ones who always pick up the slack – to provide care, to carry the mental load, to know what’s needed and to get it done.

Here are some things we knew were true before the pandemic started:

  • Women make 32 percent less than men;

  • Racialized women make 40 percent less than white men born in Canada;

  • For Indigenous women, the gap is 45 percent;

  • For immigrant women, it's 55 percent; and

  • For women with a disability, it’s 56 percent.

But unfair wages are just one of the problems.

Most of the workers in Saskatchewan taking care of the elderly, children, and people with disabilities are women. A higher proportion of women also lost their jobs in the pandemic because they work in sectors and industries hardest hit by isolation measures.

More women have been diagnosed with COVID-19 than men and, tragically, more women have died as well. This pandemic is devastating a generation of working women and no one is lifting a finger to stop it.

You can choose to challenge a system that is doing nothing to help women by pledging your support to the women in your life. Click here.


Shobna Radons


Regina & District Labour Council