Elections Information

Local 1-S Elections

Elections include: (but not limited to)

Tabled Officers (President, Vice-President, Secretary-Treasurer, Recording Secretary, Human Right Advocate)

Executive (Chief Stewards)


Committee Members

Bylaw changes

Election Procedures:

  1. The election committee is notified of an upcoming election

  2. Nominations are requested by

    • email

    • in person - typically if election is to be held at a meeting

  3. Election is conducted by members of the election committee

    • electronically - using Election Buddy

    • paper ballots - if during a meeting or a ratification vote

  4. Results are posted and members are notified in a timely fashion following the close of the voting.

Election Cycles:

All elected terms are for three years and the tabled officers and executive positions have been set up with alternate election years.

The President and Secretary-Treasurer shall be elected, so their term will start on January 1 of Year 2 in the three-year cycle and the Vice-President and Recording-Secretary shall be elected, so their term will start on January 1 of Year 1 in the three-year cycle. (Bylaw 10.01.02)

Chief Steward shall be elected by their respective groups for a term to begin in Year 1 or Year 2 of the election cycle, immediately following the election of the Executive Officers. Ballots shall be distributed as per election committee policy; (Bylaw 10.01.03)

The Call for Steward nominations will be sent out directly after the Chief Steward elections that are held Year 1 in the three-year cycle. (same year as Vice President and Recording Secretary).

Committee terms will be held Year 1 in the three-year cycle. (same year as Vice President and Recording Secretary).

As a point of reference elections being held in 2021 with the terms of the positions being 2022 - 2024

How to vote:

Electronic voting is used for most executive positions and the steps below can be followed:

  1. An email will be sent informing members the polls are opened and voting can begin.

  2. Log into the membership database.

  3. User Name is your employee id number (Securtek members have office assigned numbers).

  4. Password is initially set to the employee id number - if you have any trouble resetting your password contact the office.

  5. Once logged into the database scroll to the bottom of the window and if there is an open election you are eligible to vote on it will be displayed. If you know of an election you should be able to vote contact the elections committee at elections@uniforlocal1s.ca

In person voting can also occur during meetings such as general membership meeting, ratification voting or bylaw reviews.

  1. The rules specific to the voting at a meeting will be outlined at that time

Candidate Guidelines

  1. Use good judgment and adhere to socially democratic, acceptable behavior. Your communications will uphold our Union values, respect, and integrity. Candidates are expected to put forward a respectable and meaningful platform that is clear and understandable by the membership. Communications are subject to review by Election Committee. Further, it is understood that all members generally demonstrate respectful and acceptable behavior, free from profanity, belittling, derogatory statements or actions, slander, or any other negative means of campaigning.

  2. The use of employer or local union funds/resources for campaigning is strictly prohibited. Members shall send emails from personal email addresses only, on personal time only, to campaign or endorse a candidate.

  3. Keep a record of campaign expenses (posters/printing) so that any future allegations of improper campaign funding can be resolved.

  4. Campaigning must NOT be done on company or Union time.

  5. Whatever one candidate is permitted to do, all candidates for the same office must be allowed to do.

  6. All nominees and nominators must be members in good standing with the local.