Unifor Saskatchewan Joint Women's Committee


Promote and encourage an environment that values and supports women.


Be advocates by educating and supporting union members regarding the significance and diversity of women. Raise awareness of women’s issues and rights.

Supportive Activities:

Executive Director & Women's Advocate for SaskTel:

    Dawn Thomas-Cameron

Committee Members:

Local 1-S

 Martina McEvoy

 Roberta Williams

 Daylene Healey

 Rosalinde Herman

 Gail Sawatzky

 Laura Kemper

 Diane Shanner

 Kasandra Webber

 Carrie Bearss

 Hayley Walker

 Alicia Arnold

 Beverlee Vatamanuk

 Hoy Chey-Hill

 Sheryl Horvath

 Lucia Barrios

 Melina Tallentire

 Jaran Song

Local 922

 Alison Solmes

Local 2-S

 Cecily Howe

 Tracy Seidel

Local 594

 Jayme Fenwick

 Sharlene Stanley

 Christal Mymryk

 Ellen Foley

Local 649

 Jessy Longpre

 Angie Oshust

Local 911

Rhonda Peterson

Women Are Organizing

Important Dates & Events

    December 6 - National Day of Remembrance & Action on Violence Against Women Unifor National Statement


    Dec 6th, 2009 - 20th Anniversary of Montreal Massacre