SaskTel - Not for Sale

October 26 - New Legislation Announced

posted Oct 26, 2016, 8:51 PM by Gail Sawatzky

You may have seen the very recent announcement that the government has introduced new legislation to "clarify" the definition of privatize to effectively mean that they could sell up to 49% of the company without considering it privatized!

This equates to privatization by stealth. This cannot be framed any other way other than a direct attack approach to privatize public assets which is directly contrary to the Sask Party election promises. They are following the MTS privatization model. Every person in this province is being betrayed by this underhanded legislation which should insult every citizen of Saskatchewan as it jeopardizes our future and all future generations.

Your union will be taking action - it is not yet known exactly what that will be at this point however please monitor our Facebook page and this page for information

We will be looking for your assistance to help show the government this move is effectively privatizing SaskTel and all crowns without consulting with the owners of those crowns...the people of Saskatchewan!!!

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