Membership Database Login Instructions

Login to the Membership database: (works better in Chrome)

Username:  <Employee ID number>
Password: <Employee ID number> unless you have changed it.

Forgot your password? 

Try the 'Password lost?' link:
Image with Password lost? link.

An email will be sent to your preferred email - work or home - whatever is listed in the database.

If you are still having trouble, please contact the office by phone or by email.
What can I do in the membership database?
  • Update my address(es), email(s), and/or phone number(s).
  • Set my preferred email address.
  • Change The Busy Signal preferences - email or paper copy.
  • Change your password. (It is highly advised you reset this from the default password.)
  • Vote in current elections.
  • View the bylaws.
  • View the budget information for current and past years.
  • View past annual reports.
  • View past strike information.
  • Enter union leave.
I need help!

If you need help with any of the items above, please contact the office by phone or by email.