Tabled Officers

President     Dave Kuntz 


Duties include:
  • Supervision over the affairs of the local;
  • Preside at all meetings of the local and executive board;
  • Official spokesperson for the local;
  • Support and enforce the constitution and bylaws and act within the policies established by the local;
  • Bargaining Committee member for all Bargaining Units;
  • Representative on the DIP/Workers with Disabilities Committee.
Vice President  Jaime Sorrell

Vice President

Duties include:
  • Assist in the administration of the local;
  • In the absence of the president exercise the duties of the president;
  • Assume the office of the President should a vacancy occur;
  • Responsible for all grievances in the local;
  • Exofficio Bargaining Committee member;
  • Executive director of the Social Committee.
Secretary-Treasurer   Diane Shanner


Duties include:
  • Custodian of the official financial records of the Local;
  • Collect and care for all monies belonging to the Local;
  • Disburse funds as instructed and, with the President authorize all cheques and credit card transactions;
  • Keep an accurate account of all monies received and expended by the Local;
  • Present an annual budget to the General Membership Budget meeting for approval
Recording-Secretary Cathy Sapergia


Duties include:
  • Custodian of the official non-financial records of the Local;
  • Keep minutes of all general and Executive Board meetings;
  • Maintaining membership lists.
Human Rights Advocate  Don Wren 
Human Rights Advocate

Duties include:
  • Helping members understand their rights and ensure the company meets their obligations in recognizing those rights;
  • Return to work meetings;
  • Accommodation meetings;
  • Harassment investigations;
  • Workplace interventions;
  • Legal research to keep up with developments in accommodation law;
  • Attends meditations with the Saskatchewan Human Right Commission;
  • Executive director of the Aboriginal and Workers of Colour Committee.