Local Representatives

Tabled Officers:

Chief Stewards:


Stewards are the cornerstone of the union movement!

Their work is very important, and their duties range from distributing mail to acting as deputy returning officers during elections.

As per our local bylaws, a steward shall:

    • Become completely familiar with all the provisions of the collective bargaining agreement with the Company and thoroughly investigate all grievances coming within their jurisdiction.
    • Be completely familiar with the grievance procedure.
    • Receive complaints and grievances from the members and conform with the grievance procedure to satisfactorily adjust and settle all grievances.
    • Refer all grievances in writing on the forms provided by the Local, to the Group Representative or to the President of the Local if the grievance arises in a location where a Group Representative is not established.
    • Instruct the Deputy Steward in their duties.
    • Turn over all papers, documents, and property at the conclusion of their term in office, to the Local, or to the successor in office.
    • Be completely familiar with the guide and instructions prepared for the use of the Stewards and all similar material received from time to time.
    • Act as deputy returning officer for Local elections under the direction of the Election Committee.
    • Distribute correspondence of the Local to the membership they represent.
    • Obtain membership applications of all persons engaged within their group or sub-unit under the direction of the Membership Committee.

Recording Secretary,
Sep 15, 2016, 8:55 AM