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  • Nominations will be accepted for the position of Secretary Treasurer.
  • Any member of Local 1-S can be nominated for this position.
  • Nomination forms must be completed in full and submitted by fax, email or Canada Post before the closing date.
  • The election, if required, will then be run electronically from close of nomination until.
  • Electronic ballots will be sent to all members and will include a reference to the nominee information included on the nomination form
  • This position requires the successful candidate to achieve 50% + 1 majority of the votes received.  Therefore in the case where more than two candidates are running for the position a runoff could be the result, additional information will be provided if a runoff is required.
Download the Nomination form below, it can be filled in electronically, printed, signed and then either emailed or faxed to the Union Office, details can be found on the form:

Candidates for Secretary-Treasurer Election:

Results of the Secretary-Treasurer Election:

  • The Results of the run off election:
Total of 333 voters:
Greg Olson:    172 votes for 51.7%
Rick Ostlund:  161 votes for 48.3%

Congratulations Greg Olson on being the Secretary-Treasurer of 
Local 1-S for the 2019 - 2021 Term