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Chief Steward F

  • Nominations will be accepted for the position of Chief Steward F until Thursday April 2, 2020 at 12:00pm; (recanvass date)
  • Any member at the Call Centre at 580 Henderson who belongs to the CSC group can be nominated for this position;
    • In the event no one runs from this group the canvass will be extended to other members at this location;
  • Nomination forms must be completed in full and submitted by fax, email or Canada Post before the closing date;
  • The election, if required, will then be run electronically until 1:00pm June 17, 2020;
  • Members eligible to vote in this election will be sent an email to their home email address with a link to the Membership Database, to vote they will be required to log into the database, scroll to the bottom of the window and make their selection;
  • This position requires the successful candidate to achieve 50% + 1 majority of the votes received.  

Candidates for Chief Steward F Election:
  •   The following members have put their name forward for the position of Chief Steward (click each name to view the nomination form):

If you have any trouble with the voting process contact:
  •  The office at 306-586-7271; 
  • Email or;
  • Contact your Chief Steward
Results of the Chief Steward F Election:

<to be announced>