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VP Compensation Committee 2017

VP Compensation Committee
The Committee met several times throughout April and May 2017 to come up with a recommendation to be presented to the general membership  

Committee Members:
Don Wren (Chair):            306-777-5653 or 
Dave Kuntz (Ex-officio):   306-791-2470 or 
Cathy Sapergia:                306-520-3264 or  
Dawn Thomas-Cameron: 306-519-0502 or 
Kyle Lakness:                   306-737-2935 or 
Rod Hazen:                      306-777-4283 or 
Tara Bast:                         306-596-1502 or

The Recommendation:

Gail Sawatzky,
May 18, 2017, 2:26 PM