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Ratification Rules & Meeting Schedule - October 23, 2019

posted Oct 23, 2019, 2:36 PM by Recording Secretary
  UNIFOR LOCALS I-S – October 2019

  1. To be eligible to vote, an individual must be affected by the Collective Agreement (current in-scope employees of SecurTek) and will have to appear on the latest available dues printout or sign a witnessed affidavit which will state that they are affected by the Collective Agreement (in accordance with the Provincial Law). The latter ballots will be placed in a sealed envelope with witnessed affidavits attached to the envelope; the Central Election Committee will make a final decision on the legitimacy of the ballots prior to the ballots being counted.  If the ballot is ruled legitimate, it will be deposited into the sealed ballot box. 
  2. Two meetings will be held, one in Yorkton and one in Regina 
  3. There will be no advance polls.  Individuals will be allowed to vote in any location they wish.  Individuals will only be allowed to vote on one occasion.  If a name has been marked off the voters' list they will have to sign an affidavit and have their ballot sealed for future decision of the Central Election Committee. 
  4. To be eligible to fill out and sign an affidavit, an individual must provide adequate identification (i.e. driver’s license, etc.).  A member of the Locals' standing Election Committee or Returning Officers.must witness affidavits. 
  5. Members with disabilities will be allowed to have another Union Member assist them in marking their ballot. 
  6. A minimum of five (5) days' notice will be given of all meetings.  Such notice will be distributed to Stewards who will post the notices on Union bulletin boards.  The notice will state locations and times of meetings. 
  7. At least one member of a Local's standing Election Committee will be in attendance at each meeting. Standing Election Committee members will be responsible for the ballots and ballot boxes at all times. 
  8. Meetings will be structured to include time for a presentation by the Bargaining Committee and questions, answers and comments from the membership. 
  9. Polling stations will open on the completion of the above presentation and question period, or not later than an hour after the scheduled start of the meeting.
  10. Members do not have to attend the presentation part of the meeting to cast a ballot. They will be able to arrive after this point in the meeting and cast their ballot.
  11. Only ballots supplied by the Central Election Committee, marked in the correct manner and deposited in one of the sealed ballot boxes will be considered as ballots cast. 
  12. A majority of employees affected by the Collective Agreement who cast ballots shall determine the question of ratification.