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Bargaining Update - September 12, 2019

posted Sep 12, 2019, 12:18 PM by Recording Secretary
The Union and the Employer have signed a Letter of Understanding on a Maintenance of Activities Agreement.  This agreement is in effect during a strike or lockout situation.

We have agreed to continuation of services for Alarm Monitoring, Operator Services and Technical Support that would cause an immediate and serious danger to the safety and health of the public.  The Company will endeavor to deal with all situations prior to contacting the Union.  Where it is necessary to dispatch members to restore a service the Company will provide the details of the situation to the Union and both parties will work to dispatch qualified bargaining union members.  If the Union and Company do not agree on a particular situation there is an expedited arbitration process to resolve the disagreement.

No further bargaining dates are currently scheduled.  We will keep you updated of any changes or meetings.

Once again, we want to thank the membership for the strong showing of support and solidarity for the strike mandate.

Please continue to show your support by wearing your “stand up for crown employees” t-shirts on Wednesdays.

In solidarity
Your Bargaining Committee