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Bargaining Update - June 26, 2019

posted Jun 26, 2019, 9:28 AM by Recording Secretary
With the impasse and breakdown of bargaining at the SecurTek bargaining table, the Union conducted a strike vote on June 25th to obtain a strike mandate from the membership.

We are pleased to announce the members of SecurTek have provided the bargaining committee with an overwhelmingly strong strike mandate.  This support will give the bargaining committee the leverage needed to move bargaining forward, knowing the support of the membership is strong and with a great showing of solidarity.

The next steps of bargaining will be to deal with essential services.

SecurTek is claiming their company is an essential service under the provincial essential services legislation.  The Union does not accept the company’s assertions that SecurTek falls under this legislation.  This assertion has been made by SecurTek in the past and they withdrew prior to any tribunal hearings.

SecurTek has a satellite office in Winnipeg staffed with approximately 15 non-management and management personnel.  They perform the same duties regarding alarm response the Yorkton Union members perform.  In Yorkton they have approximately 30 management staff.  This is sufficient to deal with any potential labour dispute.  Customers of SecurTek will still have access to all 911 and emergency services the same as any person. The Union will continue to challenge SecurTek’s assertions of essential service.  SecurTek is currently reviewing the situation and will let the Union know in a short time frame whether they will be withdrawing their assertion or challenging the Union under the essential services legislation.

We will keep you updated on the progress.
Once again, we want to thank the membership for the strong showing of support and solidarity for the strike mandate.
In solidarity
Your Bargaining Committee