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GardaWorld - Local 1-S Representative Elections

posted May 27, 2018, 12:24 PM by Gail Sawatzky   [ updated May 27, 2018, 12:33 PM ]
Welcome to Unifor Local 1-S.  One of the tasks we must complete to ensure proper representation and servicing of the union members of GardaWorld is to elect members to various positions.

We will begin the process of electing Shop Stewards, Chief Shop Steward and OH& Committee Members as follows:

Shop Steward – 3 Positions (1 per shift AM/PM/N)

The Shop Steward is a Union representative elected by the members of a specific workgroup, shift or department.  They are the first point of contact for members on the shop floor.  Some of the responsibilities include member engagement and communications with members, working with management to resolve work place issues prior to grievances, welcoming new members, and presenting grievances.

The majority of the hours worked must be within the shift window assigned to the position.  If not, the position will have to be forfeited.

Chief Shop Steward – 1 Position
The Chief Shop Steward is a Union representative elected by the members of the workplace.  They are the next level in hierarchy above the Shop Steward.  They provide more advanced support to Shop Stewards and members.  They work with management on labour relations issues and participate in all grievances in the workplace.  They are the liaison to the Local Executive Board with a seat on the board.  They attend monthly meetings of the executive board and report back to members and Shop Stewards as required.

Occupational Health and Safety Representative – 2 Positions
An occupational health and safety representative is part of an advisory group made up of representatives from management and workers. The committee provides a forum for communication between the employer and the workers to address health and safety concerns in the workplace.  The representatives work to reduce workplace accidents and injuries, by identifying and evaluating concerns, making recommendations for corrective action and promoting health and safety in the workplace. 
Any union member of the work location is eligible to nominate someone for a position.

OH&S Representative Form

Nominations open May 25, 2018 and close at midnight on June 7, 2018.  

All nomination forms must be received prior to this time either via Email, Canada Post or Fax.  Nominee and Nominator information must be filled out and signatures are required.  For Shop Stewards please indicate the specific shift.  Please acknowledge the affirmations on the form.  Incomplete forms will be considered invalid and not accepted.

Elections will be held June 11, 2018 to accommodate all shifts.  There is no proxy voting.  
RAA Main floor meeting room by oversize baggage area
June 11, 2018
10:00 to 13:00
20:00 to 23:00